It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside you. There is no bigger gift - Beyonce

Beyonce was so right when she said that there there is no bigger gift than having life growing inside you, being a mother is something that I hold dear and never take for granted. There is a magic in being pregnant, the growing of your belly, the butterflies and flutters that later become kicks and jabs and the excitement to meet your unborn child. This couples maternity session with Ariel and Bianca was just that, magical. Bianca is a stunning, she glowed and her and Ariel's happiness was so contagious. These two love birds are ecstatic to meet their Baby J due February 2020 and as you can already tell she's going to be one GORGEOUS baby girl. This maternity session took place right before dusk at South Mountain in South Phoenix during a completely overcast day, which you don't see many of those in Arizona. I really like how these images are a little more moody, colorful and rich and how the couple were so playful and in love.