Hi, I am Sonja.

I’m a mother to four, Liam, Molly, Liv and Cash and have been married for 13 wonderful years to the love of my life, David. After living in Alaska for 10 years we decided to take a plunge and move to Phoenix, Arizona. I have operated three studios in Alaska with my main focuses being Branding, Intimate Portraits, Maternity and Glamour.

My approach to photography is the same as my approach to life; I am unique, dynamic & passionate and I love looking through the lens with a distinct and fresh perspective at each session.

A little background…

I left the world of Financial Investments in 2010 and started the business of my dreams. After losing my mother at the age of 12 and only having photographs and memories to remember her by, I instantly became obsessed with wanting to document every moment. In middle school and high school I was always the girl with the camera. My father would buy me packs of film and as my weekly allowance for chores I would be allowed to develop a roll at time.  

In 2010, after the news of being pregnant with our first baby, my husband bought me my first DSLR. I took neighborhood photography class by a lawyer named Joe Kashi and quickly learned my equipment and went on to photographing friends and family. Not before long people were lining up for me to take their portraits because of how much they loved my work and I was opening up my first studio in Kenai Alaska.

I am skilled in natural light and strobe photography and have been a photographer for 13 years now. I love being a photographer because I can connect with clients on a deep level and peel off layers to expose the most striking beauty and a side of them that they don't often see.

I love being able to be creative all while capturing the twinkle in a mothers eye when she's expecting her first child or the loving smitten glances a loving couple gives each-other. Giving the gift of heirlooms is the best job.

Seeing life through a lens and being able to document people as my job is a gift I thank God for everyday.

So what do you say? Let's take some portraits that you're guaranteed to love!

Sonja Stafford Photography