my six must have poses for couples

If you're worried about being awkward in front of my camera don't you worry at all. I will help guide you through posing and prompts to make sure you look fantastic and natural. These six poses I use will help you look like a natural.

opposites attract

Usually set up by asking you to hold hands and looking opposite directions; the opposite attract is one of my staples. This post usually leads in to other poses such as holding hands and walking towards the camera. This shot is often used to show of scenery or architecture in the frame along with the couple. Plus, I'm obsessed with facial profiles.

eskimo kisses

Ah, all of the natural reactions that come from this pose are the absolute best. This pose is achieved by basically asking to put your noses together and rub them. It's silly, it's fun and it creates a intimate moment!

brain power

Almost, like eskimo kisses but this one often results in much more intimacy or passion. Brain power is achieved by asking the couple to put their foreheads together. I often prompt "close your eyes gently press your heads together and breath in". This particular pose can lead to laughter, a serious dramatic intimate look or forehead kisses!

Holding hands & walking, skipping, running

Well, exactly like you read it. I just might have you walk, skip or run towards me, across a scene or away from me. It creates movement and the best candid shots. A walking towards the camera shot is a must have! Walking shots tell me a story and symbolize a start of a journey or being on a path. I've set up walking shots in roads, intersections, fields and you name it!

careless whispers

Exactly as it sounds, I either set you up in a bear hug pose or the fronts of your body touching and ask you to do exactly what the title says "Careless Whispers". I ask often to whisper something such as what they had for dinner last night in a sexy voice. Laughs or the best reactions almost every time!

dancing! yes twirling, dipping and having a good time!

If you are up to it, dancing is a good way to get some fun shots. I love a good twirl, dip or whatever YOU want to do. Creating movement is so much fun!